Hey! its sick girl, but you already know that. i have decided that im going to use this blog. for what? im not entirely sure yet...

hi hi everyone, i just wanted to let you know that i read most, if not all of your comments on rtg's video, if you have anything you would like to say to me, you can comment on her video, and i will most likely see it. :)

hi, i just wanted to clarify something about my previous blog. whenever i talked about "harming animals". i cant go into full detail about what was exactly going on, but i was in the darkest (and most homicidal) part of my life when i thought that doing that kind of thing was justifiable. when i said ive done "sick things to animals" i should have clarified i meant dead. the only live animal i have purposefully killed in that point of my life was a lizard, and i still dont even like the fact that i did that, because i LOVE animals. i used to disect and cut open dead birds/ lizards. thats what i meant by "sick". and i said that because it makes me uncomfortable knowing i enjoyed that stuff. i truley was a sick individual, but i have changed a LOT since then. okay, thats all. thank you


ok i just wanted to say stream get it up by msi, i love jimmy urine, peg all catboys 2020, and dont make the same mistake i did and threaten to shoot up your school LMFAOOMDNHSHYUSJ